Month: November 2011

Globe and Gavel

Legal zoom

New program at UC Irvine School of Law permits concurrent degree study.

Dr. Kristen Kelly zaps port-wine stain blood vessels on the anesthetized child’s face and arm

Lighting the way

The concept that revolutionized laser surgery and earned UC Irvine more than $40 million came to Dr. J. Stuart Nelson in 1992 while he was watching a baseball game. In the early 1990s, surgeons like Nelson were trying to adapt laser technology for medical use, and the Beckman Laser Institute & Medical Clinic was an […]

Serving those who serve

Groundbreaking priority housing program is among the accommodations provided to former military personnel by Veterans Services office.

Biomedical business incubator to have grand opening at UC Irvine Medical Center

The UC Irvine School of Medicine and Office of Research are hosting a Nov. 8 grand opening for TechPortal Orange, the first clinically oriented biomedical incubator in Southern California.

UC Irvine News Brief: White House honors Samuelsen as a 'Champion of Change'

The director of UCI’s National Fuel Cell Research Center was invited to discuss his work with administration officials on Thursday, Nov. 3.

UC Irvine News Brief: Documentary features Reeve-Irvine spinal cord injury research

“SurvivorTales: Toby’s Story” will make its world premiere at 6 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 10, at the Irvine Barclay Theatre.

David Reinkensmeyer with Robert Sanchez

Can robots take over rehab?

Visiting the iMove center at UC Irvine’s Gross Hall is like being on the set of a sci-fi movie. Here, the merging of machines and humans — the premise of such futuristic films as “Alien” and “The Terminator” — has become a reality. Inside the lab, at Sue & Bill Gross Hall: A CIRM Institute, patients whose […]

Getting in tune with patients

Matt Fradkin, a fourth-year student in UC Irvine’s School of Medicine, was doing research at CHOC Children’s Hospital when he saw firsthand how music could relieve a patient’s suffering. A boy of about 7 with cancer had been lying in bed complaining constantly of pain when a music therapist entered his room and began playing […]