Year: 2011

UC Irvine News Brief: Dodgeball record inspires

Fitness website “Greatist” names UCI dodgeball achievement one of 15 most inspiring health and fitness stories of 2011.

UCI's stem cell research building earns top sustainability ranking

Campus’s second LEED Platinum citation in one month is added to eight gold awards.

UCI's Engineering Hall wins construction award

Design-Build Institute of America award goes to building projects that exceed efficiency and sustainability expectations.

UC Irvine News Brief: Clinical trial of UCI-created stem cell treatment opened to U.S., Canadian patients

Three people have already been enrolled in first-ever test of a human neural stem cell-based therapy for chronic spinal cord injury.

UC Irvine researchers urge caution when buying noisy toys

Misusing popular toys that feature sound could result in permanent hearing loss.

UC Irvine News Brief: Psychopathy misunderstood disorder

Psychopathic personalities are portrayed in popular media as charming, intriguing, dishonest, guiltless, and in some cases, downright terrifying. But scientific research suggests that psychopathy is widely misunderstood.

Major cause of chronic kidney disease-related inflammation is identified

UC Irvine researchers have uncovered an important source of inflammation seen in people with chronic kidney disease, which is increasingly common due to the epidemic of obesity-related diabetes and hypertension.

Highlights of 2011 at UCI

UC Irvine students, staff and faculty stepped up in the face of another year of budget challenges and fee increases with continued drive, talent and innovation. The results? More research breakthroughs, national honors and global outreach — even a second dodgeball world record. Here are snapshots of UCI 2011. As always, it was quite a […]

World's lightest metal sitting atop a dandelion fluff

Lighter than a feather and stronger than an ox

In collaboration with HRL Laboratories and California Institute of Technology, UCI engineers construct metal structure 100 times lighter than Styrofoam™.

Scales sitting on a pillar

A legal leg up

Impressive number of graduating students have already secured judicial clerkships.