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CNCM is awarded $1.4 million NIH grant for Alzheimer’s disease research training

Funds will support projects with significant clinical translational potential

Photo: CD8+ T cells (yellow) activated by PD-1 blockade also interact with T regulatory cells (teal and red), which subsequently dampen the immune response against the melanoma tumor cells (blue)

‘Cutting the cable’ between CD8+ T and T regulatory cells enhances checkpoint immunotherapy

Discovery by UC Irvine-led team may offer new strategy for improving melanoma treatment

Chad Lefteris, CEO of UCI Health

Driving UCI Health’s Expansion

Q&A with Chad Lefteris, CEO of UCI Health

Digital illustration of a side profile of a human head and neck in a stylized X-ray effect, highlighting the skull and sinuses with bones in blue and sinuses in shades of orange

The Nose Knows Where Memories Go

Studying the connection between olfaction and the brain’s ability to remember things

Close-up of hands holding and inspecting soil outdoors.

Another Step Toward Environmental Justice

¡Plo-NO! Santa Ana moves forward with I-CLEAN study

UC Irvine, industry collaboration aims to boost health outcomes for rare diseases

Partnership will improve ability to identify underlying causes

Bridget Fortin, a UC Irvine doctoral student in the Department of Biological Chemistry (left) standing next to Selma Masri (right), UC Irvine associate professor of biological chemistry.

UC Irvine study reveals circadian clock can be leveraged to enhance cancer immunotherapy

Optimizing individual time-of-day delivery offers new avenues for prevention and treatment

Leonardo Alaniz, M.D.

#IamUCI – Leonardo Alaniz

M.D. | School of Medicine

Laken Race

#IamUCI – Laken Race

B.S., nursing science | Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing

Josie Fermin

#IamUCI – Josie Ann Fermin

B.A., public health policy | Program in Public Health