Depression intensifies anger in veterans with PTSD, UCI study shows

Diagnosis with one or both disorders should trigger rage-focused treatment

President Obama celebrates class of 2014

He punctuates speech on climate change with hearty “Zot! Zot! Zot!”

‘A great day to be an Anteater’

President Barack Obama connects the ‘Zots!’ at a historic all-graduate commencement

Sgt. Frank Sandoval, with his daughter Joelena, on the way to surgery

In the wake of war

New UCI lecturer brings first-hand experience photographing Iraq to a new course on the public health effects of war.

Serving those who serve

Groundbreaking priority housing program is among the accommodations provided to former military personnel by Veterans Services office.

Bryan Doerries

Healing the wounds of war

The ancient Greeks knew the battlefield could leave emotional scars, and they had a distinctive way of dealing with it: They put on a play. Dramas about Achilles and Ajax showed these mythological war heroes suffering from the “divine madness” caused by combat — known today as post-traumatic stress disorder. “Scholars say Greek theater helped […]

Veteran student pictures a better life

Camera in hand, Gilberto Cardenas has chronicled his journey from soldier to undergrad researcher. His photographs have appeared in international scientific journals.

Ruben Hipolito pictured with President Barack Obama

Scout’s honor

When UCI undergraduate Ruben Hipolito learned he was chosen from among 3.5 million Boy Scouts to represent the organization before the U.S. president and Congress this month, he followed the official scout motto: Be prepared. Hipolito, assistant scoutmaster of Huntington Beach Troop 1134, was one of seven distinguished scouts who met with President Barack Obama […]