psychological science

Sena Koleva

Matchmaking 101

Sena Koleva studies romantic relationships, mate selection and the science of love.

Remote residential research

UCI psychologist uses Google map technology in study of neighborhood effects.

A child in prison

UCI professor studies juvenile crime

Elizabeth Cauffman’s research on adolescent development has influenced public policy on youth offenders.

Writing on paper

Writing therapy not for everyone

Health benefits of expressive writing do not apply equally across all cultures, study finds.

Baby sitting at the feet of their mother next to a briefcase

Study debunks belief that maternal employment harms kids

Study shows mother’s work status is not associated with children’s achievement or behavior.

Karen Rook

All the lonely people

UC Irvine psychologist Karen Rook can trace her interest in how loneliness affects the elderly to her childhood, when she saw a much-loved, once-robust grandmother decline markedly after losing her husband. Unable to manage the family farm on her own, her grandmother moved into an apartment. After breaking her hip in a fall, she ended […]

Researchers gauge post-disaster resilience

UCI-led team of social scientists assesses post-disaster community resilience.

Salvatore R. Maddi

Finding the positive side of stress

Professor Salvatore R. Maddi has changed the way many view stress. Not only is it an unavoidable part of life, he argues, it can be good for us.

Salvatore R. Maddi

Stressing the positive

Psychologist Salvatore R. Maddi remembers when one of his graduate students at the University of Chicago showed him an article in Family Circle that warned, “Stress can kill you, so you need to stay away from it.” That was a popular theory in the 1970s, but Maddi was skeptical. He’d already done studies indicating that stress could […]

Elizabeth Loftus

Lawyers tend to be overconfident, study finds

Study co-authored by UCI’s Elizabeth Loftus finds lawyers overly optimistic about case outcomes.