Month: March 2011

Astronaut Dyson visits campus

Former postdoctoral chemistry scholar at UCI shares insights on science, space and what it takes to be an astronaut.

Susan Lewis, Sam Lam and Lauren Gruber

Safe haven

When she enrolled in UC Irvine’s School of Law, Susan Lewis figured she’d someday become an attorney at a private firm. Then she signed on for the kind of hands-on, pro bono work the law school endorses as part of its commitment to public service, and her career plans changed. Lewis joined the Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project, […]

Kristina Smith with grandmother Mary Myers and mother Maria Smith

Clan of the Anteaters

When Kristina Smith, a top-ranked tennis recruit from Dana Hills High School, announced in fall 2008 that she would attend UC Irvine, her decision didn’t just please the university’s coaching staff. It was cheered by a large cadre of her relatives. By enrolling in the class of 2013, Smith became the youngest member of an […]

Dr. Dawn M. Lombardo

Matters of the heart

When it comes to women and heart disease, UC Irvine Medical Center cardiologist Dr. Dawn M. Lombardo can recite some sobering statistics. Cardiovascular disease kills six times more women than breast cancer, she says. In fact, twice as many women die of it as die of all cancers combined. “It’s the No. 1 killer of women,” Lombardo […]