Month: March 2011

Emily Troshynski

Assessing the state’s sex offender policies

Public Impact Fellowship helps doctoral student Emily Troshynski explore costs, benefits of GPS tracking.

Medical students at UCI – and across US – learn where they will first practice as doctors

The annual Match Day for UC Irvine School of Medicine students is part of nationwide program pairing soon-to-be-graduates with medical training residencies.

UCI’s Dr. Bang H. Hoang, colleagues recognized for bone cancer research

Researchers awarded prestigious 2011 Kappa Delta Ann Doner Vaughan Award, along with $20,000 grant.

Beckman Laser Institute medical director honored for federal offender tattoo removal program

Dr. J. Stuart Nelson and the Beckman Laser Institute received honors from the U.S. Probation Service in Orange County and federal district Judge David O. Carter for an innovative tattoo removal program that helps men and women integrate into society after completing federal prison terms.

Gunther Uhlmann

Famed math professor who researches invisibility joins UCI

Famed math professor who recently joined UCI says breakthrough equations could make invisibility a possibility.

Claire Trevor gets a star – at UCI

UCI’s Claire Trevor School of the Arts posthumously honors its namesake.

A woman holding a mop and a man holding a broom

Domestic duties still largely ‘women’s work’

UCI sociologist explains how society, culture and public policy influence the division of household labor.

Criminology Outreach Program leader wins values award

Criminology, law & society professor John Dombrink studies changing mores – how what’s considered a sin today can become accepted behavior tomorrow.

Rey Buack golfing

Surgical team puts golfer back in the swing

Rey Buack is among 10 percent who survive ruptured aortic aneurysm, thanks to UC Irvine Medical Center surgeons.

UC Irvine News Brief: UCI researchers find new light-sensing mechanism in neurons

Study led by physiology & biophysics professor Todd C. Holmes identifies a second form of phototransduction – this one derived from vitamin B2 rather than vitamin A.