Day: August 29, 2002

Drawing blood

Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez tackles current events with gusto, sparing no one. He is a self-professed “equal opportunity offender.”

From chaos, order

For economist Art De Vany, the natural order that emerges spontaneously from chaos is more efficient and responsive than anything a planner could devise

A good life

In the work of evolutionary biologist and ordained priest Francisco Ayala, science and religion have found a peaceful coexistence

Helping hands

Alumna Shelley Westmore Hoss strives to improve the quality of life in Orange County

Of human bonds

A scholar’s exploration of altruism ultimately took her to its opposite, genocide, and to an understanding of the common ground both share

East meets West

UCI researchers using high-tech tools are gaining insight into how the Eastern practice of acupuncture works. New medical treatments may result

Information is power

For Hoda Anton-Culver, data is key to the early detection and treatment of cancer

Fulbright scholar

Summa cum laude graduate Nima Fayazmanesh is well on his way – wherever he wants to go

Inside information

The needle on the television-like screen stabs repeatedly into a round shape that has been identified as a lymph node. The images are shadowy, reminiscent of cloud formations seen on radar sweeps, but one rhythmically throbbing form is unmistakable. It is the beating heart of the patient who lies sedated and sleeping on the narrow […]

It’s in the genes

For Dr. Maureen Bocian, making a diagnosis means detective work