Month: August 2002

Frozen species, deep time, and marauding black holes

It all goes with the territory for Gregory Benford, a mild-mannered professor who doubles as the working physicist’s science-fiction writer

Focused on the future

David Blake thinks tomorrow’s corporate leaders need information, technology … and flexibility

Forecasting risky business

Philippe Jorion is advancing ‘new knowledge’ revolutionizing the financial industry

Problem solver

Judge Maria-Elena James finds justice in common ground

Reflecting on water

Helen Ingram has the inside story on water — the politics, the economics and how we ‘move it around’

If the shoe fits

Skechers USA is a perfect fit for alum Philip Paccione

Two-way streets

From Belfast to Johannesburg, Sarajevo to Jerusalem, Scott Bollens studies the links between planning and peace

Waging peace

Paula Garb proves citizen diplomacy can make a difference

Which way democracy?

Leading a team of social scientists, Russell Dalton is taking the pulse of the governed

Balancing act

Alison Clarke-Stewart weighs research findings with a healthy dose of common sense