Year: 2002

Card-caring samaritan

Farm school teacher uses UCI-sponsored CPR training to save infant’s life

Climbing high

From her vantage, Debra Richardson sees computer technology transforming society for the better

Corporate crime and punishment

Henry Pontell calls white-collar corruption ‘more damaging’ than common crime

Gang mentality

Cheryl Maxson’s gang studies are helping to arrest youth crime

Community healing

For alumna Julianne Toohey, effective health care is more than an individual pursuit

Caring partners

Bill and Marsha Link are helping UCI create a biomedical engineering program second to none


Manuel Gómez inspires young people to believe in themselves

Focused on social justice

Doctoral candidate uses video project to expose human rights abuse

Green with pride

David Mejia keeps the grounds well-groomed

Frozen species, deep time, and marauding black holes

It all goes with the territory for Gregory Benford, a mild-mannered professor who doubles as the working physicist’s science-fiction writer