Smartphone attachments are replacing traditional tools of the trade

Doctors go digital

UCI’s graduating medical students look to the future on March 18 as they learn where their careers will start

Match Day: The day they became doctors

UC Irvine Health physicians are leaders in their field – more than 100 have been selected among the Best Doctors in America.

Graduating medical students learn where they’ll serve their residencies

They entered the UC Irvine School of Medicine with dreams of making a difference someday, five eager students armed with distinctive skills, talents and experiences they hoped could be used to improve human health. They saw their dreams come into focus on Match Day, March 16, when they learned where they will start their careers as doctors.

Graduating students from the UC Irvine School of Medicine will participate in the annual Match Day tradition of publicly learning which residency programs they’ll enter.

Eighty-eight are included in annual database compiled by “U.S. News & World Report.”

Critical care specialist Dr. Elizabeth Turner was awarded $50,000 to – along with Dr. Chris Fox and Dr. Mark Rosen – implement an educational program on the bedside use of handheld ultrasound.

UC Irvine News Brief: UCI doctors receive inaugural Center for Health Quality & Innovation grants

Technology seen to increase precision, enhance healing and improve results.

The annual Match Day for UC Irvine School of Medicine students is part of nationwide program pairing soon-to-be-graduates with medical training residencies.