Enhanced e-book features unrelated to narrative may reduce learning for preschoolers

UCI researchers also find that shared reading of books, print or digital, boosts literacy

UCI engineering students place in top 5 in SpaceX competition

UCI’s HyperXite team beat out nearly 100 others to finish fifth in the international Hyperloop Pod Design competition Jan. 29-30 at Texas A&M University. The Hyperloop is a concept first proposed by Elon Musk and SpaceX to design and build extreme high speed, energy-efficient transportation. University students and independent engineering teams competed in event, vying […]

Pay dirt

Bill Maurer, dean of social sciences, shares a trove of fun facts about money

Visiting Distinguished Professor Simon Levin to receive National Medal of Science

Simon Levin, a Visiting Distinguished Professor in ecology & evolutionary biology, will receive the National Medal of Science – the nation’s highest scientific honor – at a White House ceremony during the spring. Levin, the George M. Moffett Professor of Biology at Princeton University, studies complex patterns in nature and how they came to be. […]

Santa Claus

Santa vs. superheroes

UCI physics professor compares St. Nick’s powers to those of traditional caped crusaders

Forecast: cloudy

Predicting intensity, impact of this winter’s El Nino complicated by unprecedented confluence of weather anomalies

To walk again

UCI brain-computer interface enables paraplegic man to take historic steps

Space debris

Researchers propose zapping space debris with laser

Planet Earth is surrounded. Thousands of tons of dangerous space debris circles in low orbit, threatening serious damage, even death, if any were to strike the International Space Station. A proposal by a research team that includes UC Irvine could be the answer. In a paper published Friday, April 24, the scientists describe a device […]

Roster of UCI researchers

Twenty-seven faculty, staff and students from UC Irvine are part of the Large Hadron Collider’s ATLAS experiment team.

Laser institute director gets Optical Society award

Beckman Laser Institute & Medical Clinic director Bruce Tromberg has received the Michael S. Feld Biophotonics Award from The Optical Society. One of 15 prestigious awards bestowed by the society in 2015, it recognizes individuals for their innovative and influential contributions to the field of biophotonics. A UCI professor of surgery and biomedical engineering who runs […]