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Faculty Daniele Piomelli

Finding his bliss

Daniele Piomelli’s studies on the body’s own marijuana-like chemicals may lead to stress, pain and obesity treatments.


Marking their territory

Business professor Mary Gilly explores how customers stake out tables at coffeehouses and cafes. A marketing expert, she studies the sometimes unintended results of efforts to control consumer behavior.

Faculty Lorraine Evangelista

Nursing a new approach to heart disease

UCI nursing professor Linda Evangelista has gained national recognition for her involvement in studies to help people with heart conditions, and her latest effort may produce her most significant research achievement yet.


Uncharted territory

Neuroscientist Ivan Soltesz has helped shed light on the inner workings of the human brain. His research offers hope to millions who suffer from epilepsy.

Business Jesse Catlin

The marketing of meds

Doctoral candidate in marketing at The Paul Merage School of Business studies how consumers select over-the-counter drugs.

Admin Steven George

Going with the flow

Biomedical engineers host industry open house to show off micro tissue and other research.

Faculty A single potato chip held up

The potato chip predicament

UC Irvine researchers found that fats in foods like potato chips and french fries make them nearly irresistible and trigger a surprising biological mechanism that likely drives our gluttonous behavior.

Admin Steven White

Quantum leaper

Acclaimed for a breakthrough algorithm, physicist Steven White is now first to model a new state of matter.

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