UC Irvine researchers create E. coli-based water monitoring technology

Bacterium used as a live sensor to detect heavy metal contamination

UCI engineers push nanostructure properties to new extremes

Applications for strong and lightweight materials range from aviation to medical implants

UCI researchers invent a health monitoring wearable that operates without a battery

Biosensor continuously tracks pulse and wirelessly communicates with nearby devices

UCI biochip innovation combines AI and nanoparticle printing for cancer cell analysis

Low cost and ease of manufacturing allow for wide application in developing countries

Nanotechnology treatment shows promise against multiple sclerosis

UCI-led stem cell study sets stage for human testing

UCI researchers lead invention of blood-based assay to detect chronic fatigue syndrome

About 2 million people in the U.S. suffer from a mysterious illness known as myalgic encephalomyelitis, or chronic fatigue syndrome. One of the challenges healthcare professionals have faced in diagnosing it has been the lack of a clear biomarker, something in a patient’s bloodstream to signal the cause of the problem. Researchers at UCI and […]

UCI’s Kumar Wickramasinghe is named a fellow of the Royal Society

Accomplished engineer is recognized for contributions to nanotechnology, microscopy

UCI and national lab researchers see lifelike ion differentiation in synthetic nanopores

Scientists at UCI and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have shown that synthetic nanopores can possess the same ion-transporting and differentiation capabilities as living tissue. They detail their discovery in a study published today in Science Advances. “Biological systems use ion selectivity to chemically store and exchange energy, making it available for use when needed,” said […]

UCI scientists discover technique for manipulating magnets at nanoscale

Physicists from the University of California, Irvine have discovered a new way to control magnets at the nanometer scale by electric current. This breakthrough, detailed in a paper published today in Nature Nanotechnology, may pave the way for the next generation of energy-efficient computers and data centers. “There is growing interest in using magnetic nanoparticles […]

Could holey silicon be the holy grail of electronics?

UCI engineers find that innovative material facilitates effective on-chip cooling