How did hippo, whale and dolphin skin adapt to live in water? UCI study reveals evolutionary clues

Paleontologists have long asked if hippopotamuses and cetaceans – whales, dolphins and porpoises – share a common, amphibious ancestor. The answer, which is no, according to a study published today in Current Biology, was derived by a molecular and genetic analysis of the animals’ hides which are highly adapted to aquatic environments. Co-senior author Maksim […]

The case against reality

In his new book, UCI vision scientist Donald Hoffman says evolution has trained humans to construct reality, rather than to see the world as it truly is

UCI scientists simplify and accelerate directed evolution bioengineering method

Technological innovation can be used to rapidly make new antibodies and pharmaceutical enzymes

UCI-led genomic study reveals clues to wild past of grapes

Humans may have gathered them for 15,000 years before cultivating the fruit as a crop

Kathleen Treseder named a fellow of leading US ecological society

Kathleen Treseder, professor of ecology & evolutionary biology, has been elected a fellow of the Ecological Society of America in 2016 in recognition of advancing the science of ecology. Specifically, the ESA cited her leadership in evaluating and communicating the importance of fungi in ecosystems, including in mediating ecosystem responses to global climate change. “This […]

Mia Maltz

A focus on fungi

UCI doctoral candidate seeks to maximize the health of native plants in restored environments

Jessica and Riley Pratt climb a tree

Putting down roots in the tropics

Generous alumni gift guarantees UCI access to tropical studies program.

Catherine Loudon

Going with the flow

Innovative biology course makes the unseen – and its movement – visible.

Molly Burke

Fly study solves scientific riddle

History of fruit fly research and riddle solved at UCI.

John Avise

Examining the flawed human body

In his new book, UCI evolutionary biologist John Avise examines why flaws exist in the biological world.