UCI receives funding for recycling research project

Study to examine circular economy links between materials and transportation

Carbon dioxide emissions rebound to nearly pre-pandemic levels

Chinese emissions rose substantially while those in Europe and the U.S. remained lower

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UCI Podcast: The economics of why work from home favors the suburbs

UCI Professor Jan Brueckner describes how the pandemic has disrupted housing markets

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UCI Podcast: COVID-19’s long-term economic and health impacts

Early intervention can stave off pandemic’s worst long-term effects, Vellore Arthi says

UCI, Tsinghua U.: California’s 2018 wildfires caused $150 billion in damages

Study shows health and socio-economic costs extended far beyond burned areas

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UCI Podcast: At the intersection of economics and political philosophy

Professor Aaron James talks about debt, dollars and how the U.S. monetary system can work for everyone

Ending coronavirus lockdowns quickly can be more costly than relaxing them gradually

UCI, other researchers use disaster footprint model to assess COVID-19 supply chain impacts