Sign by UCI School of Social Sciences inviting student to join SSARC;'s virtual Bagel Fridays.

School of Social Sciences finds way to stay social

Amid pandemic, weekly student hangout transitions to Zoom, keeping Anteaters connected

Miryha Gould Runnerstrom, an associate professor in UCI's Program in Public Health, played a key role in developing the COVID-19 chatline

COVID-19 chatline provides fact-based guidance

New UCI service is staffed by trained undergraduates in public health

Global oncology pharmacists face restricted access to essential PPE items, UCI study finds

Practitioners have needed to adjust cancer care during COVID-19 pandemic

Phil Felgner, director of UCI’s Vaccine R&D Center, gazing through a window

Blood will tell

UCI researchers create coronavirus microarray test to determine true prevalence of COVID-19 infection and gauge antibody responses

What’s next: The future of retail

The pandemic may have altered the shopping landscape in permanent ways

Ending coronavirus lockdowns quickly can be more costly than relaxing them gradually

UCI, other researchers use disaster footprint model to assess COVID-19 supply chain impacts

UCI medical student Mehron Dhillon stacks donations of personal protective equipment during a drive for supplies in the School of Medicine parking lot.

Giving their all

Community members, local companies, philanthropists, students and alumni have rallied around UCI Health with donations of funds and personal protective equipment

Avatars summarize students’ progress on research projects in a UCI course that takes place in a fantastical 3D online environment called Anteater Island.

Anteater Island

Anthropology professor teaches class on digital cultures by creating his own virtual community – where COVID-19 isn’t a threat

Tom Boellstorff awarded NSF grant to study impact of digital social interactions on post-pandemic life

Tom Boellstorff, UCI anthropology professor, has been awarded a one-year, $195,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to study how COVID-19 has reshaped online social interactions and the role virtual worlds may play in social relationships post-pandemic. An unprecedented number of people have been socializing online due to the coronavirus crisis. Boellstorff and his team […]

UCI Podcast Indicator

UCI Podcast: The race for COVID testing

In March, the UCI Medical Center became the first hospital in Orange County to provide COVID-19 testing. In the UCI Podcast, Dr. Ed Monuki, chair of pathology who leads UCI Health’s testing efforts, discusses how the campus came together to address this community need and how future testing for the coronavirus and its antibodies will […]