computer science

Lost? Download ZOTfinder

New app created by ICS students helps users navigate UCI campus

Gene Tsudik

You’ve been hacked

With computer ‘break-ins’ growing in sophistication and number, UC Irvine researchers work to foil future attacks

Yingyi Bu and Bart Knijnenburg

Grad students get leg up from Google

Two in ICS’s doctoral program win fellowships recognizing world’s ‘most promising young academics’

Ramesh Jain

Focused on the big picture

Computer scientist aims to integrate health data and make it globally available – by phone

molecular dynamics simulation of p53 and stictic acid

Sequestration casts shadow over research labs

Recent UCI discovery related to cancer treatment is the type of work endangered

Vinh Nguyen

Statistically significant

Vinh Nguyen has proven himself a real problem solver.

Aditi Majumder

Visualizing the future

Computer science team develops novel display technologies.

Mary Verdi-Fletcher

Redefining dance

Recent M.F.A. grad works to integrate disabled and nondisabled performers.

Rebecca Grinter

Building better Roombas — and other machines

Most people have just one question regarding Roombas: How well do the robotic floor vacuums suck up pet hair and dust bunnies? A few might even wonder if their Roomba could go rogue and chase the family cat or attack them in their sleep. Rebecca Grinter, M.S. ’94, Ph.D. ’96, a graduate of UC Irvine’s […]

Ban Al-Ani

Tracking social media’s role in Egyptian uprising

UCI researcher Ban Al-Ani tracks role of social media in Egyptian uprising.