Winter 2021

The Future of Research

In this edition of UCI Magazine, “The Future of Research,” we highlight the university’s hallmark of interdisciplinary research – from its early roots in the campus’s physical design to the recent opening of the Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Building constructed to forge closer partnerships among scientists working to solve global grand challenges, such as climate change and clean energy. And while the world continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic, we introduce UCI’s new Infectious Disease Science Initiative, designed to bring together scholars from across campus who are investigating the dynamics of contagions from COVID-19 to tuberculosis. Finally, we feature UCI’s medical humanities program, which aims to instill compassion in the study of health and medicine for the greater benefit of all humankind.

Magazine Articles

Dr. Jon Steller, a NASA physician and assistant clinical professor of maternal fetal medicine at UCI.

Interplanetary Obstetrician

Physician alumnus researches (future) life on Mars while teaching medicine at UCI

Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Building

A Home for Research Partnerships

New campus building reconfigures interdisciplinary collaboration to tackle some of the future’s most complex issues

Graphic of COVID-19 virus

Investigating Outbreaks: Beyond the Laboratory

Well-timed Infectious Disease Science Initiative strives to make UCI a global leader in an urgent and ever-evolving field

Dr. Donald Forthal

UCI’s Infectious Diseases Chief Discusses COVID-19 Vaccines

Three Questions With Dr. Donald Forthal

Adria Imada

Stressing the Humanity in Medical Humanities

UCI center offers compassionate perspectives on health and disease

Bernadette Boden-Albala

Lessons From the Longest Year

This is not my first epidemic. Indeed, it was in the early days of HIV/AIDS, in a series of life-changing circumstances, that I was inspired to leave a planned career as bench scientist in cell physiology and embrace the study of public health. Partially motivated by tensions between the government and communities seeking answers to […]