Tammy Kelleher

The powerhouse

Tammy Kelleher seldom sits still – she’s too busy keeping watch over UCI’s Central Plant.

ID theft investigation team honored with international award

UC Irvine Police Department wins international award for excellence in Criminal Investigation.

Luis Alonzo

Summer program lures diverse grad students

Increasing diversity among ranks of UC Irvine graduate students is goal of four summer research programs.

Michael Martinez

A different view of math

Can you learn math without using symbols or language? A four-year, $3 million study led by UC Irvine education professor Michael Martinez will test the theory.

Working wonders with workers’ comp

In an era of belt tightening, UC Irvine is ahead of the game when it comes to reducing costs associated with workplace injuries

John Hipp

Orange County: paradise lost?

John Hipp, assistant professor of criminology, law & society, studies the impact of demographic changes in Orange County.

Sally Peterson

End of an era

After 35 years at UC Irvine, Sally Peterson retired June 30 from her official job as dean of students, assistant vice chancellor of student affairs — and, unofficially, university den mother, cheerleader, enforcer, negotiator, coach and mentor. During her tenure, Peterson played a major role in campus life, initiating activities, programs and policies that helped […]

Professor A. Kimball Romney

How our eye sees color

Colors reproduced on Web sites or printed photos never seem as true as what we see in real life, and now one UC Irvine professor explains why.

Downtown Conakry, the capital of Guinea

UCI Africa Initiative lends a hand

UC Irvine group demonstrates how modest efforts can reap big rewards by donating time and energy in Africa.

Flowers blooming

Campus efforts help clear the air

UC Irvine cuts greenhouse gas emissions from the (efficiently irrigated) ground up.