Francois Genard, Lynsey Moncrieff, Ariel Anson, Britney Marshman and Jayme Nagle

UCI meets D.C.

Students in internship program explore career paths in Washington.

Dean of Students Sally Peterson

Dean of students’ retirement marks end of era

UCI bids farewell to retiring Dean of Students Sally Peterson, a major contributor to campus life for 35 years.

UCI volunteer built playhouse

UCI-built playhouse serves a serious purpose

Volunteers from Facilities Management department build a playhouse to help provide real shelter for the homeless.

Mahtab Jafari

On a quest for longevity

Mahtab Jafari puzzles the mysteries of natural compounds and longevity – an investigation that satisfies her longtime obsession with science.

Person jumping in the sunset

Living longer, living better

The Susan Samueli Center for Integrative Medicine’s new “Live Longer, Live Better” program incorporates proven complementary and alternative approaches to treating body, mind and spirit and improving overall health.

First- through fourth-graders studying ancient Egypt

Gifted Students Academy nurtures young minds

Mummies, eyeballs and all manner of mysteries are part of UCI’s summer Gifted Students Academy Exploratorium.

Misty Paig-Tran with high schoolers

Summer by the numbers

There may be a few more empty parking spaces, but life at UCI doesn’t slow that much in summer.

Professor Marlon Boarnet

Building better commutes

For almost 20 years, Marlon Boarnet has studied the links between land use and transportation networks. He provides his thoughts on the stimulus package and city planning for the 21st century.

Bill Tomlinson

Study finds patent systems may discourage innovation

Bill Tomlinson, informatics assistant professor, uses a computer game to test the efficiency of the U.S. patent system, and it doesn’t score well.

ennifer Fong, Taylor Moniz and Luan Bach

Inspiring future scientists

High school students participating in UC Irvine’s residential COSMOS program study topics such as astronomy, neuroscience, marine biology and the mathematics of music.