Society & Community

Maria Pantelia

Greek classics go digital

The oldest-surviving Greek texts are never more than a few mouse clicks away thanks to the world’s first digital humanities archive, built and maintained at UC Irvine.

UCI's Olive Tree Initiative participants

Olive Tree Initiative gets leadership award

Olive Tree Initiative student group hailed as a model of community leadership by Orange County Human Relations Commission.

Dr. Sheldon Greenfield

Dr. Sheldon Greenfield’s big year

While Dr. Sheldon Greenfield’s not quite a household name, he is making a significant impact. He’s helping run a thriving campus research center, and he’s engaged in high-level decision making in California and Washington, D.C., with international implications for biomedical research and healthcare.

A boat sails through the port of Freetown, Sierra Leone

Cleaning up the ‘blood diamond’ business

Richard Matthew works in Africa to curb violence, abuses linked to diamond trade.

Dr. Laura Mosqueda

Improving care for older adults

Dr. Laura Mosqueda takes her geriatric expertise on the road with the help of a $2 million grant. The goal: to help other medical specialists relate better to older patients.

UCI Police Officer Ray Keith and a student discuss the bike policy

UCIPD honors outstanding officers, staff

Making campus safe for free speech, fulfilling work and the occasional party is all in a day’s work for UCI Police Department honorees.

Mad Film Dash project

Anteaters meet Oscars

Anteaters meet Oscar when student-produced films are honored at 24-Hour Mad Film Dash Festival.

Chancellor Michael V. Drake and Erwin Chemerinsky

Chancellor, law dean lead freshman seminar

UC Irvine Chancellor Michael Drake and Erwin Chemerinsky, founding dean of UCI Law School, team up to teach freshmen about civil rights.

Marnie Granados

Ready for PRIME time

An innovative UC Irvine School of Medicine program designed to lessen Latino healthcare disparities in California will produce its first graduates this year. PRIME-LC students will move into jobs as resident physicians and – it is hoped – herald a revolution in healthcare for a third of the state’s residents.

Homecoming 2009

Building homecoming traditions

New Greek Village designed as rally spot for current and former members of UC Irvine fraternities and sororities at Homecoming 2009.