Society & Community

Frank B. Wilderson III

UCI author envisions change

In his recently released memoir, “Incognegro,” Frank Wilderson criticizes Nelson Mandela’s presidency for failing to deliver on its promises of social equality and significant reform.

Ilona Yim

Pregnancy hormone predicts postpartum depression

Ilona Yim studies the relationship between hormones and postpartum depression. Her research could help identify, treat women before onset of symptoms.


Robots and superheroes: taking science public

James Hicks and Michael Dennin could tell you a story about the ontogeny of cardiovascular regulation in reptiles and Langmuir monolayers. Or they could talk to you about the science of WALL-E and Superman.

Civil rights pioneer addresses UCI community

Civil rights attorney Lani Guinier calls for continued work toward a more just and equal society in MLK week speech at UC Irvine.

Steven Topik

Coffee: the drink that changed the world

With 400 million cups brewed each day, the United States has staked its claim as the top coffee-consuming nation.

‘Eaters’ eyes on the Capitol

UC Irvine community shares thoughts about the inauguration of Barack Obama.

UC Irvine students march in solidarity with Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream

Keeping King’s dream alive

Roundup of events for Martin Luther King Jr. birthday and following week

Kent Hymel

Gridlock puts brakes on job growth

Kent Hymel, a UC Irvine doctoral candidate in economics, found that sluggish commutes – usually indicative of high employment levels – lead to slowed job growth.

Andrew Penner

Study shows ethnicity isn’t black and white

Losing your job or doing jail time can affect how people perceive your racial background, according to a recent study co-authored by Andrew Penner, UC Irvine sociology assistant professor.

Dr. Emily Dow

Doctor for the destitute

Ask Dr. Emily Dow why she decided to practice medicine, and the answer might surprise you. Twenty years ago, she was teaching English as a Second Language to adults in Los Angeles when a middle-aged Latina student was stricken with chest pains during class. Dow wanted to call an ambulance to take her to a […]