Social Sciences

Fabio Milani

Exploring economic psychology

Irrational optimism or pessimism is linked to a majority of booms and busts occurring since the early 1970s.

Alumnus Chris Canfield

The game boy behind ‘Rock Band’

Can’t stop playing ‘Rock Band’ or ‘Guitar Hero II’? Blame your addiction on UC Irvine alumnus Chris Canfield, who helped create them.

Chris Stout

Probing racial, gender politics

Grad student Chris Stout studies discrepancy between what voters say and do.

a Haitian boy receives treatment at a medical clinic at the United Nations Stabilization Mission's logistics base

Hope for Haiti’s future

As Haiti begins rebuilding after a devastating earthquake, three UCI professors discuss how it could emerge a stronger country.

Gas centrifuge plant

Laser-based uranium enrichment risky

Risks of laser-based uranium enrichment outweigh rewards, says UCI economist Linda Cohen.

Daniel Wehrenfennig

Sowing the seeds of peace

Olive Tree Initiative founders, recent recipients of the Living Our Values Award, see their vision take root. The students hope to bring greater understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Port-au-Prince hours after earthquake.

From the ground up

It took scarcely 35 seconds Jan. 12 for a magnitude 7.0 earthquake to cripple Haiti, flattening its capital and killing more than 200,000 people, but it will take many years for the island nation to recover. While devastating quakes have since struck in Chile, Japan and elsewhere, Haiti’s situation is unique. Desperately poor before the […]

Kathy Rim

Telling their story

Political science graduate student Kathy Rim studies the political involvement of Asian Americans and is writing content about their contributions to American history that will be included in new textbooks.

Census forms

An inside look at the US census

Sociology professor Judith Treas consulted on the design of U.S. census forms arriving in more than 120 million mailboxes this month. Census results affect the allocation of more than $400 billion in federal funding.

UCI students show their spirit

Homecoming adds up to fun

A by-the-numbers description of UC Irvine’s homecoming festivities tells all.