Social Sciences

Distinguished Professor Brian Skyrms

Extraordinarius winner shares his philosophy

Brian Skyrms, winner of the 2011 Extraordinarius award, discusses the finer points of social contract theory.

A woman holding a mop and a man holding a broom

Domestic duties still largely ‘women’s work’

UCI sociologist explains how society, culture and public policy influence the division of household labor.

Andrew Chang

Fellowship winner follows his heart

Andrew Chang left a promising engineering career to pursue a doctorate in economics. His research aims to empower U.S. policymakers to create appropriate laws for possible future regulation of the financial sector.

Helping students is family affair for UCI grads

Two generations of Pattersons have been well served by UCI — and now serve other college students.

Child playing counting games

Boosting preschoolers’ math skills

UCI team seeks to boost number-concept skills – and chances of academic success – among low-income, bilingual preschoolers.

John Dombrink and Robert Sterling with students

Vice and virtue

Amid the riot of books, papers, student exams, posters and paraphernalia in John Dombrink’s office at UC Irvine, one thing stands out: little yellow sticky notes he’s tacked onto a row of file drawers labeled “sin.” Dombrink — who once considered the priesthood before finding his true calling — specializes in sin. The professor of criminology, […]

Face with a map of the world overlaid on top

International issues: Who’s in charge here?

New book co-edited by political science professor Deborah Avant explains the growing phenomenon of global governance.

David Neumark

Kids are all right with just mom

New UCI study finds minority dropout rates decrease when more fathers are incarcerated.

Students earn Living Our Values Award for launching UCI Global Brigades

Students earn Living Our Values Award for launching UCI Global Brigades, which aims to improve the lives of Hondurans through hands-on projects.

The mainstreaming of black politics

New book by UCI professor Katherine Tate examines factors behind burgeoning ranks of African Americans in Congress.