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Campus Life Frank Shi

Partnering for a urologic care breakthrough

Engineer Frank Shi created a novel silicone product. Urologist Ralph Clayman was looking to create a breakthrough device. A serendipitous partnership between the two has the potential to make a serious dent in the multimillion-dollar urologic care marketplace. It also shows that research collaboration, even between faculty members whose offices are miles apart, will be an important part of UC Irvine’s continued growth.


Postdoctoral scholars in the spotlight

UC Irvine’s postdoctoral research staffers asked, “Where’s the love,” and the university responded, making February “Postdoc Appreciation Month.”

Faculty Peter Donovan

Stem cell grant to boost training program

The state today tentatively approved $3.3 million over three years to enhance UC Irvine’s stem cell training program, which teaches tomorrow’s experts the techniques, ethics and clinical knowledge critical to this fast-growing field.

Admin An image of a preneuron

What Obama’s presidency means to UCI research

Barack Obama swept into the presidency on a platform of change, one that includes a number of scientific policy and research issues. As a major research university, UC Irvine is deeply involved in some of these key areas – stem cells, global warming and alternative energy, to name a few. Research vice chancellor Susan Bryant discusses how changes made in Washington, D.C., and Sacramento, especially during the current economic crisis, will impact research efforts at UCI.

Faculty a drop of water pinching off from a column of fluid

Drippy faucets offer lesson in physics

Peter Taborek uses high-speed video to capture the motion of drops and bubbles coming apart. Knowing the details of this “pinch-off” process is important when designing inkjet printers and also is useful in biotechnology when fluid is used on microchips, as well as for applications in cosmetics, food and structural materials industries.

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