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Faculty a drop of water pinching off from a column of fluid

Drippy faucets offer lesson in physics

Peter Taborek uses high-speed video to capture the motion of drops and bubbles coming apart. Knowing the details of this “pinch-off” process is important when designing inkjet printers and also is useful in biotechnology when fluid is used on microchips, as well as for applications in cosmetics, food and structural materials industries.

Faculty Professor Hongkai Zhao

Mathematics in the real world

Professor Hongkai Zhao uses mathematics to make computers run better, which in turn improves medical imaging and engineering design.

Faculty Dr. Michael Alkire

The search for consciousness

As an anesthesiologist, UC Irvine’s Dr. Michael Alkire wants to tackle what many neuroscientists see as the Holy Grail of their field – the biological basis of consciousness.

Admin Construction at UCI

A year of growth, achievement

The year has been exciting and rewarding for UC Irvine – from promising new research collaborations to impactful breakthroughs, dedicated outreach projects, diverse cultural activities, continued campus growth and athletic success.

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