Yukio "Yo" Nishida with his family

Life in Middle Earth

UCI offers Yukio Nishida a home for his growing family and a purpose – to help residents of student housing.

Professor Elizabeth Cauffman

Studying teens’ emotional maturity gap

A new study of adolescent judgment and decision-making shows young people may not be able to fully control impulses, resist peer pressure until after 22.

Diane Pataki

Climate change: global problem, local response

UCI’s Diane Pataki discusses strategies for dealing with climate change in Southern California.

Dr. Michael Lekawa

Re-verified UCI trauma center plays critical role

UC Irvine Medical Center, Orange County’s only source for Level I trauma care, gets re-certification nod from American College of Surgeons.

ZotWheels bikes

ZotWheels gears up

Those blue and yellow bicycles parked around the campus represent the first self-serve bike-share program in California. It’s designed to reduce car trips and pollution.

Erik Olsson

Opening doors

Software architect Erik Olsson helps students and the community find their way with ZotPortal.

UCI alumni Kristin Alix and David Chang

New Web site connects UCI with community

New Web site fosters public interaction with campus.

Coach Paula Weishoff

Coaching champions on and off the court

Hall of Fame women’s volleyball coach Paula Weishoff brings her winning pedigree to UCI.

Peter Donovan and Ping Wang

UCImpact: Stem cell research

California and UC Irvine take advances in stem cell research in stem cell research on the road as high school classes and educators participate in Stem Cell Awareness Day.

Marcelo Wood

Cancer drug may prevent cocaine relapse behavior

A drug in development to treat cancer could help prevent relapse behavior in people trying to overcome an addiction to cocaine, according to a new study by UC Irvine neuroscientists.