Jill Halvaks

Intro to UCI

Director of new student programs and alumna Jill Halvaks gives incoming freshmen their first lessons in becoming Anteaters.

Bryce Spitze and Brenda Campos-Spitze

White coats, bright future

Bryce Spitze and Brenda Campos-Spitze, first married couple to enter UC Irvine’s medical school, intend to play a role in an emerging healthcare system designed to provide affordable, quality care for all.

Francois Genard, Lynsey Moncrieff, Ariel Anson, Britney Marshman and Jayme Nagle

UCI meets D.C.

Students in internship program explore career paths in Washington.

Mahtab Jafari

On a quest for longevity

Mahtab Jafari puzzles the mysteries of natural compounds and longevity – an investigation that satisfies her longtime obsession with science.

Misty Paig-Tran with high schoolers

Summer by the numbers

There may be a few more empty parking spaces, but life at UCI doesn’t slow that much in summer.

Bill Tomlinson

Study finds patent systems may discourage innovation

Bill Tomlinson, informatics assistant professor, uses a computer game to test the efficiency of the U.S. patent system, and it doesn’t score well.

ennifer Fong, Taylor Moniz and Luan Bach

Inspiring future scientists

High school students participating in UC Irvine’s residential COSMOS program study topics such as astronomy, neuroscience, marine biology and the mathematics of music.

ID theft investigation team honored with international award

UC Irvine Police Department wins international award for excellence in Criminal Investigation.

Luis Alonzo

Summer program lures diverse grad students

Increasing diversity among ranks of UC Irvine graduate students is goal of four summer research programs.

Michael Martinez

A different view of math

Can you learn math without using symbols or language? A four-year, $3 million study led by UC Irvine education professor Michael Martinez will test the theory.