Chef Shane Gagnon

Cooking up savings

Cooking classes at Anteater Recreation Center are among the low-cost enrichment activities at UC Irvine, kicking off an occasional series called “UC I Can Afford It.”

From high tech to high kicks

Domingos Begalli, physical sciences computer resource manager, brings the Brazilian martial art capoeira to campus.

People Laughing

Owner’s guide to the quirky human body

As much as we know about the human body, some of the more mundane, daily functions are least understood.

Gary Busby

Growing its own musicals

Drama department’s staging of new musicals gives lovers of the genre a voice in the future of Broadway.

Microfluidic chips

Toy inspires innovation in high-tech biochips

Overcoming a research snag was child’s play for assistant biomedical engineering professor Michelle Khine – and it earned her international recognition.

A man in a jail cell with the door open

Parolees’ release leads to crime

Neighborhood stability and social programs can help mitigate uptick in violence.

Liz Toomey

Advocate for Anteaters

Liz Toomey, assistant vice chancellor of community & government relations, talks about the UC system’s impact on everyday life in California.

Drs. Nitin Bhatia with Wilhite and his family

Triumph out of tragedy

Four other people are known to have survived the kind of spinal injury suffered by Jon Wilhite in a triple-fatality car crash, and everything had to go just right for emergency personnel and UC Irvine Medical Center doctors before this story could be told.

Money management among the poor

UCI funds research on financial practices in developing countries.

UCI Law Library

Cracking the law books

UC Irvine School of Law opens to inaugural class of 61 students who will help develop innovative curriculum.