The electronics revolution that has transformed healthcare, transportation, entertainment, shopping and socializing has also negatively affected human health and planetary viability as the generation of e-waste continues to steadily increase globally. Oladele Ogunseitan, UC Presidential Chair and UCI professor of population health and disease prevention, recommends five solutions to enhance the advantages and reduce the disadvantages in a recent article published online. Steve Zylius / UCI

Research at UCI is always flourishing. This year, many university endeavors were supported by $580 million in grants and contracts. One UCI-led team was awarded a $13.8 million federal contract to conduct research that will help increase understanding of the role of lipid nanoparticles in vaccines. Another group’s work found that aspirin alters the evolution of colorectal cancer.

But research is not limited to discoveries in science, technology, engineering and math. This year, UCI launched the Environmental Humanities Research Center, an official home for years of environmental humanities research on campus. In addition, 2022 brought an emphasis on arts research, with Claire Trevor School of the Arts students and faculty conducting studies to understand new developments in creative fields.

Here are a few highlights: