Day: February 16, 2021

How 9 hospital innovation chiefs want health IT to further adapt to the pandemic

Becker’s Hospital Review, Feb. 16, 2021

OC surpasses statewide COVID-19 vaccination efforts

Orange County Business Journal, Feb. 16, 2021

How Facebook can make up for disinformation and help get everyone vaccinated for COVID-19

Fast Company, Feb. 16, 2021

Santa Ana College Vaccination Site Opens Wednesday; Racial Vaccination Inequities Persist Across OC and CA

Voice of OC, Feb. 16, 2021

Chris Barty, with students Haytham Effarah and Kyle Chestnut working at a lab table with gogles on.

Transforming human health

The COSI labs are home to up-and-coming laser technology that can be used to fight disease and illness

UCI Podcast Indicator

UCI Podcast: Why low-income children suffer the most during remote learning

Schools will still need COVID-19 mitigation measures as they reopen, say UCI Health doctors

Radioactive bone cement found to be safer in treating spinal tumors

UCI-led project may provide alternative to conventional radiation therapy