Month: June 2015

Adria Imada

Hawaiian history via hula

Adria Imada’s award-winning book Aloha America explores the influence of politics, colonization, tourism and religion on the islands’ traditional dance

Frugal phytoplankton play role in global carbon cycle

Adam Martiny, UCI associate professor of Earth system science, and study co-author Eric D. Galbraith of McGill University show that frugal phytoplankton may obtain more CO2 in warm, nutrient-depleted parts of the ocean than previously thought. By doing so, they can have a significant impact on marine ecosystems and the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Odds of arrest 3 times higher for people viewed as black, study finds

Being seen by others as black – regardless of whether or not one personally identifies as such – increases the likelihood of arrest, according to a new study from UC Irvine and Stanford University. The findings come as troubling reports of racial bias and discrimination in policing punctuate the evening news, noted Andrew Penner, UCI sociologist and study co-author.

Tanya Anaya, Evelin Villanueva, Samantha Salas, Araceli Brambila, Marie Moore and Hector Perez

Bilingual boom

UCI School of Education helps meet need for teachers in popular dual-language immersion classrooms

Anthropology graduate Jessica Renteria

Commencement 2015: By the numbers

Figures offer sneak peek at circumstances behind pomp of UCI’s 50th graduation celebration

World map of aquifer depletion

A third of the world’s biggest groundwater basins are in distress

Irvine, Calif., June 16, 2015 – Two new studies led by UC Irvine using data from NASA Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment satellites show that human consumption is rapidly draining some of its largest groundwater basins, yet there is little to no accurate data about how much water remains in them. The result is that […]

6 undergrads win scholarships to study overseas

The Institute of International Education has granted scholarships to six UC Irvine students who will study abroad this summer and fall.

UC study links brain inflammation triggered by chronic pain to anxiety and depression

Brain inflammation caused by chronic nerve pain alters activity in regions that regulate mood and motivation, suggesting for the first time that a direct biophysical link exists between long-term pain and the depression, anxiety and substance abuse seen in more than half of these patients, UC Irvine and UCLA researchers report.

Physicist Jonathan Feng named Simons Investigator

The Simons Foundation has named Jonathan Feng, UCI professor of physics & astronomy, a Simons Investigator in recognition of his exceptional and promising work. The appointment is for five to 10 years and includes up to $1 million in research funding to be used at the investigator’s discretion.

Silvia Gonzalez and Andrew Mehring

Drought advice from Down Under

California could learn a thing or two from Melbourne, Australia, which halved water use during a decade-plus dry spell with no new rate hikes