The Simons Foundation has named Jonathan Feng, UCI professor of physics & astronomy, a Simons Investigator in recognition of his exceptional and promising work. Intended to support outstanding theoretical scientists in their most productive years, the appointment is for up to a decade and includes as much as $1 million in research funding to be used at the investigator’s discretion. “This award will aid our efforts at UC Irvine to understand the fundamental building blocks of the universe and its past and future fate, topics that are quintessentially curiosity-driven research,” said Feng, who studies the junction of particle physics and cosmology. “With no strings attached, this award is the most valuable form of support, and I’m deeply honored to receive it.” His work on dark matter, cosmic rays, supersymmetry and extra dimensions has been influential in motivating and interpreting a wide range of theoretical and experimental developments, from dark matter searches to the Large Hadron Collider, where the Higgs boson was discovered.