Month: May 2015

Peter Burke

Measuring ‘brainstorms’

UCI researchers pioneer technique permitting unprecedented peek inside neurons at activity of ion channels

UCI neurobiologist Sunil Gandhi

UCI neurobiologists restore youthful vigor to adult brains

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. The same can be said of the adult brain. Its connections are hard to change, while in children, novel experiences rapidly mold new connections during critical periods of brain development.

The locker in which Chris Burden confined himself as part of his master’s thesis, bears a tribute from current students who are inspired by the artist’s commitment to pushing the boundaries

Taking art to extremes

Chris Burden, M.F.A. ’71, gained fame for his provocative pieces

Olga Connolly leads a workout class in Aldrich Park

Days of love and glory

Olga Connolly once created an international stir with an Olympic gold medal and a forbidden Cold War-era romance

Actress Laverne Cox inspires at New Narratives event

Laverne Cox, a daytime Emmy winner and one of Time 100’s most influential people of 2015, appeared at UCI’s Crystal Cove Auditorium on Tuesday, May 12, in front of an audience of about 450 Anteaters.

Depression intensifies anger in veterans with PTSD, UCI study shows

Diagnosis with one or both disorders should trigger rage-focused treatment

Magic Johnson

A Magic moment

Basketball legend Earvin Johnson opens the 2015 Chancellor’s Distinguished Fellows Series

UCI Chancellor Howard Gillman shakes the hand of Hector Santiago

Anteaters in the outfield

Nearly 5,000 Anteaters filled the right-field seats at Angel Stadium of Anaheim on Saturday, May 9, wearing blue-and-gold, limited-edition baseball caps for “UCI Night with the Angels.”

Alyssa Brewer

UCI study sheds new light on low-light vision, could aid people with retinal deficits

Brain handles day- and nighttime optical signals the same, reacts quickly to loss of input

Engineering professor awarded prestigious Early Career Research grant from Department of Energy

Timothy Rupert, assistant professor of mechanical & aerospace engineering, has been awarded an Early Career Research grant from the U.S. Department of Energy.