Month: December 2012

Highlights of 2012 at UCI

Year brings scientific advances, national accolades, international outreach, student achievement and loss of campus stalwarts

UCI radiology researcher to aid NASA bone density study

Joyce Keyak, a UC Irvine professor in residence of radiological sciences, is part of a NASA effort to understand more about bone density loss during astronauts’ lengthy stays aboard the International Space Station.



Bruce Blumberg part of team behind new safety system for chemical design

A groundbreaking study involving Bruce Blumberg, UCI professor of developmental & cell biology, outlines a safety testing system that helps chemists design inherently safer chemicals and processes.

New Lawyers Yimeng Dou and Sam Lam

They’re lawyers! They swear!

UCI’s first law school grads pass the bar and are sworn in as California attorneys

UCI scientist uses NASA data to find agriculture is a top cause of fires

Wildfire risk will grow due to climate change, new research finds, but unhealthy controlled burns for farming are the leading type of blaze in the U.S.  UC Irvine Earth system scientist Hsiao-Wen Lin found that such fires have increased by 30% nationally in the past decade, mostly in the south. Thanks to stricter air pollution regulations, California, Oregon and Washington have slashed their agricultural burn rates though.

Natalia Milovantseva

E-waste warrior

Fulbright scholar hopes to foster safe recycling, disposal of outdated electronics

Stacked pennies about to topple

On edge

UCI economist discusses potential impact of falling off ‘fiscal cliff’