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Gone but not forgotten: UCI students pitch in for Salvation Army

Those moving out of dorms donate 99 tons of durable goods, electronic devices and food to the needy.

August 3, 2012

Even when the majority of UCI students leave campus, they manage to have a big community impact. In recent years, rather than throwing out dorm room furnishings, appliances and food when they go home for the summer or graduate, students have aimed to improve the campus’s waste diversion rate and help the needy by giving items to the Salvation Army. These stats are just in from the 2012 “Move Out Donation Throwdown.”

  • Total donation weight: 99 tons
  • Mattresses: 56,225 pounds
  • Other (furniture, appliances, televisions, stereos, carpets): 9,110 pounds
  • Middle Earth housing: 28,565 pounds
  • Arroyo Vista housing: 41,105 pounds
  • Campus Village housing: 4,260 pounds
  • Mesa Court housing: 59,105 pounds