Day: August 29, 2011

Bridget Cooks

Out of the shadows

Bridget Cooks sheds light on African American art, cultural imagery.

Wall art for all

Many students had a hand in creating a new mural for UCI’s Cross-Cultural Center. The 12-by-18-foot collaborative artwork will be officially unveiled Sept. 22, during UCI Welcome Week.

Kala Gabler

A higher goal

Growing up in the Mojave Desert town of Apple Valley, Kala Gabler and her friends Olivia Hinkle and Lucas Clardy shared dreams of doing something one day to help others less fortunate. All three excelled at soccer and went on to play for Orange County colleges — Clardy at Cal State Fullerton, Hinkle at Concordia University and Gabler at UC Irvine, […]

UC Irvine News Brief: Biophysicist named Royal Institute of Navigation fellow

Thorsten Ritz, UCI associate professor of physics & astronomy, receives the award from the Duke of Edinburgh for his work on animals’ “magnetic compass.”