Month: May 2011

UC Irvine News Brief: UCI, Fudan University to start first-ever bilateral business and law institute

Center will be a public platform from which Chinese and American scholars, industry leaders and policy makers can share ideas.

Mikael Nilsson

Taking the ‘waste’ out of nuclear waste

While spent nuclear fuel continues to pile up by the ton across the United States, engineering professor Mikael Nilsson says the solution is clear: recycle it at the commercial nuclear power plants that create it.

Karen Rook

Shedding light on loneliness

Professor Karen Rook studies relationships and how they affect one’s health and happiness. Her research has shed light on the psychological toll of loneliness on the elderly.

From Plato to behind the plate

UCI philosophy grad and baseball star Francis Larson leaves prestigious London school to reconnect with his first love – baseball.

Russell Dalton

Handicapping early presidential politics

Political science professor Russell Dalton weighs in on the early presidential race.

UCI researchers find link between environment and genetics in triggering MS

Environmental and inherited risk factors associated with multiple sclerosis – previously poorly understood and not known to be connected – converge to alter a critical cellular function linked to the chronic neurologic disease, researchers with the UC Irvine Multiple Sclerosis Research Center have discovered.

Barbara Dosher

Dean elected to National Academy of Sciences

Social Sciences dean and cognitive scientist is recognized for her research on attention, memory and perceptual learning.

David Neumark

Not all doom and gloom for Golden State

Study finds weather, geography, industry mix trump traditional business index measures.

Ron Fleming

Riding high

Parking Professional of the Year award joins a host of other honors in the Parking and Transportation Department’s trophy case.

2011 Medal

Winners to be recognized at awards dinner in October.