Elsevier, an international publisher of more than 2,000 scientific, technical and medical journals, has named UCI chair John Guzowski editor-in-chief of Neurobiology of Learning & Memory, effective Jan. 1. Guzowski said he expects to maintain and enhance the journal’s premier position in the field and is committed to expediting the peer review process and communicating with authors. “I take over as editor with the journal in a very strong position and will work to increase its presence in up-and-coming research areas of interest to the field of learning and memory,” he said. In 2010, Guzowski was appointed the first James L. McGaugh Chair in the Neurobiology of Learning & Memory, in recognition of his pioneering work on the molecular and cellular network mechanisms of long-term memory. He earned a doctorate in molecular biology & biochemistry at UCI and – after postdoctoral research at UCI and Johns Hopkins University – established an independent research program funded by the National Institutes of Health at the University of Arizona and, subsequently, the University of New Mexico.