Day: January 10, 2011

High marks in class, on ice

Undergraduate earns high marks in figure skating competitions and in school. Elegant on the ice, she could be on her way to Olympic glory.

Tracking precipitation planetwide

Team creates online maps used by foreign countries to predict – and prepare for – intense rainfall.

Dr. Henry Klassen

Unlocking stem cells’ potential to cure eye disease

Dr. Henry Klassen is discovering new ways to use stem cells to repair the retina, offering new hope for people suffering from retinitis pigmentosa and macular degeneration.

The mainstreaming of black politics

New book by UCI professor Katherine Tate examines factors behind burgeoning ranks of African Americans in Congress.

UC Irvine News Brief: UCI's Jun Wu wins $450,000 air pollution research award

The assistant professor of public health & epidemiology will probe links to adverse birth outcomes.