Month: June 2010

UCI professor William Cooper and his students count and catalog plastic trash

Fighting the ocean’s plastic pollution

UC Irvine professor William Cooper follows the trail of plastic debris that’s spreading from the coast to the deep sea.

"Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" book sitting in the sand

Beach reading, Anteater style

UCI faculty and staff share their summer book selections.

Connie Parido draws blood from a Long Beach middle school student

A healthy plan for lowering diabetes risks

A school-based diet and exercise program UCI researchers helped create shows significant impact in lowering diabetes risks.

UC Irvine News Brief: Joyce Keyak speaks at summit on astronauts' bone loss risk

In a 2009 study of 13 astronauts who spent four to six months on the International Space Station, the associate professor in residence of radiological sciences found that, on average, astronauts’ hip bone strength decreased 14 percent.

Healthier cafeteria food, more intense gym classes lower students’ diabetes risk.

Healthier cafeteria choices, longer and more intense periods of physical activity and robust in-school education programs can lower rates of obesity and other risk factors for type 2 diabetes, according to a national study called HEALTHY.

Gary Matkin

Lifelong learning

Award-winning dean of continuing education, discusses the unit’s evolving role in lifelong learning.

Is oil spill also fouling the air?

UCI researchers find disturbing amounts of certain gases above massive Gulf slick. More study is needed.

UC Irvine News Brief: Sociologist wins Kanter Award for work-family research

Assistant professor Joy E. Pixley was honored for her paper “Life Course Patterns of Career-Prioritizing Decisions & Occupational Attainment in Dual-Earner Couples.”

Fabio Milani

Exploring economic psychology

Irrational optimism or pessimism is linked to a majority of booms and busts occurring since the early 1970s.


UCI’s Ronald D. Hubbard wins for case study in dark particle physics.