Month: January 2010

UC Irvine Advisory: Aging brain

Denise Park of the University of Texas at Dallas will discuss “The Scaffolded Mind: How Your Brain Adapts to Aging” as part of the UC Irvine Distinguished Lecture Series on Brain, Learning & Memory.

Tom Lane

Could stem cells reverse MS?

Biologist Tom Lane and a team of UCI researchers are leading an effort to determine whether a stem-cell-based treatment can repair neurological damage caused by multiple sclerosis.

Mei Zhan

Chinese medicine goes global

Anthropology professor studies evolution of traditional practice among rural poor into lucrative industry embraced by Americans.

UCI students to arm wrestle for Haitian disaster relief

This Saturday, the UC Irvine chapter of Physicians for Human Rights will host a “Flex Your Muscles for Haiti” fundraiser‚Ķ

Blood Diamond

Richard Matthew discusses “From Blood Diamonds to Mountain Gorillas: An Environmental Perspective on Peacebuilding in Africa,” based on his field research on violence driven by the struggle to control natural resources in sub-Saharan Africa.

Nancy Minear

Warming the heart

UCI Stars, winners of the Living Our Values staff team award, make quilts to comfort cancer patients.

Everyday objects help teach basic biology

Diane O’Dowd uses objects from her garage to demonstrate biology principles and engage students.

Dr. Ralph Clayman

Medical school dean’s singular focus: healing

Dr. Ralph Clayman brings surgical precision and a singular focus on healing to his new role as medical school dean.

Martin Luther King Jr.

MLK week: a call to action

UCI’s 26th annual celebration of civil rights leader encourages activism, service.

Shaking up earthquake theory

New information about the inner workings of earthquake faults could change how experts estimate the potential for the next “big one,” according to UC Irvine researchers.