Month: August 2009

Liz Toomey

Advocate for Anteaters

Liz Toomey, assistant vice chancellor of community & government relations, talks about the UC system’s impact on everyday life in California.

A rice Farmer in Thailand

Stopping the spread of infectious diseases

UCI research on infectious diseases, such as dengue fever, HIV and meliodosis, could benefit millions worldwide.

Drs. Nitin Bhatia with Wilhite and his family

Triumph out of tragedy

Four other people are known to have survived the kind of spinal injury suffered by Jon Wilhite in a triple-fatality car crash, and everything had to go just right for emergency personnel and UC Irvine Medical Center doctors before this story could be told.

Money management among the poor

UCI funds research on financial practices in developing countries.

UCI Law Library

Cracking the law books

UC Irvine School of Law opens to inaugural class of 61 students who will help develop innovative curriculum.

Jill Halvaks

Intro to UCI

Director of new student programs and alumna Jill Halvaks gives incoming freshmen their first lessons in becoming Anteaters.

U.S. News again ranks UCI among top 50 universities nationwide

UC Irvine maintained its status among the nation’s top 50 colleges and universities in the U.S. News & World Report’s…

Line of men waiting for free meals during the Great Depression

Job loss and mental health

UCI’s David Dooley studies the impact of unemployment on mental health.

Dr. Chris Fox

Ultrasound in the ER: Wave of the future

Portable ultrasound scanners in the ER can save lives by expediting diagnosis.

Pai Chou with water pipe monitoring system

Watching over the water system

UC Irvine engineers plan to outfit the local water system with sensors that will alert officials when and where pipes crack or break, hastening repair – thanks to nearly $5.7 million over three years from the National Institute of Standards & Technology and several local water groups.