Day: May 11, 2009

Mary Amasia with her prototype anthrax detection system

Identifying a killer

Doctoral student Mary Amasia’s anthrax detection system permits a more rapid response to a deadly disease.

Meng Yu

Using math to battle hearing loss

Doctoral student Meng Yu is using his academic skills to help the hearing-impaired. He is fine-tuning a set of mathematical computer instructions that pulls apart overlapping voices so a listener can hear each of them distinctly.

Irvine Mayor Sukhee Kang to discuss diversity issues

A forum on Irvine’s efforts to embrace its diversity and address the resulting issues will be led by Irvine Mayor…

Engineering's Amasia develops rapid anthrax detection system

Mary Amasia is making huge strides to improving methods to detect anthrax, which has become a lethal bioterrorism threat. While…

Nevada official to talk climate change at UCI Women in Water seminar

Water expert Pat Mulroy will speak May 13 on “Climate Change and the American West: Can We Adapt?”