Month: March 2009

Open for business of healing

Patients move into state-of-the-art hospital rooms as University Hospital opens for the business of healing.

Dr. Laura Mosqueda

Improving care for older adults

Dr. Laura Mosqueda takes her geriatric expertise on the road with the help of a $2 million grant. The goal: to help other medical specialists relate better to older patients.

the new University Hospital

University Hospital has patients in mind

As University Hospital at UC Irvine Medical Center opens its doors to patients this month, personnel discuss how the new facility strengthens their ability to provide advanced healthcare.

Jorge De Paz

Creative electronics unveiled

A touch screen designed and built by UC Irvine students provides a glimpse of how simpler computer control could soon be at our fingertips. The project is one of about 40 on display at the UCI Senior Design Expo.

Ampakine treatment reverses memory loss in Huntington's disease

Compounds created to combat Alzheimer’s disease, sleep disorders and other neurological ailments reverse Huntington’s disease-related memory loss, according to a…

UCI Police Officer Ray Keith and a student discuss the bike policy

UCIPD honors outstanding officers, staff

Making campus safe for free speech, fulfilling work and the occasional party is all in a day’s work for UCI Police Department honorees.

New institute expands immunology research

UC Irvine has created a new Institute for Immunology that expands research for treatments of immune-system illnesses and diseases like…

Luc Benard's 3D objects

The art of math

They look fragile and ornate, like glass vases on a tabletop. But the five objects in this still life are not real; they are computer-generated images of mathematical equations. They are giving mathematicians a powerful new way to visualize ideas and concepts, and showing the general public that math can be, well, breathtaking.

Mad Film Dash project

Anteaters meet Oscars

Anteaters meet Oscar when student-produced films are honored at 24-Hour Mad Film Dash Festival.

Carrie Carmody

Getting in their Facebook

What’s grad student Carrie Carmody doing now? Exploring how adolescents socialize on the Net