Day: December 15, 2008

Tseng named space research fellow

UC Irvine postdoctoral researcher Dr. Bertrand Tseng (pictured) is one of four young investigators to be named a National Space…

Sociology professor Judith Treas

Who washes, who dries?

Attention married women: Up to your elbows in housework? Having trouble getting your husbands to chip in? According to sociology professor Judith Treas, odds are you answered yes if you live in the U.S.

Mount Erebus

South to the pole

UC Irvine chemist Murat Aydin will spend his holiday drilling into the South Pole’s thick ice to collect trapped air that is up to 100 years old.

Sweet on ‘The Nutcracker’

’Tis the season dance scholar Jennifer Fisher takes center stage as an expert on the beloved ballet

Multigenerational living is the wave of the future

John Graham’s book, “Together Again,” presents a guide for households shared by three or more generations

National energy report encourages basic science research

John Hemminger (pictured), UC Irvine physical sciences dean, chaired a national committee that recently released a report on the energy/environment…