Month: December 2008

UCI software engineer honored for disaster Web portal work

Jay Lickfett, lead software engineer for UC Irvine’s RESCUE Consortium received a Platinum Award from the California Emergency Services Association…

Zot!Alert subscribers are in the know during emergencies

Students, faculty and staff received text message alerts and subsequent “all clear” messages on their cell phones Sunday after an…

Construction at UCI

A year of growth, achievement

The year has been exciting and rewarding for UC Irvine – from promising new research collaborations to impactful breakthroughs, dedicated outreach projects, diverse cultural activities, continued campus growth and athletic success.

Elderly Hands

Holiday visits can reveal decline in aging relatives

Not all holiday surprises are happy ones. People visiting aging relatives this time of year may discover mounds of unpaid bills, odd solicitations and unkempt surroundings – all possible evidence of a decline in physical or mental function, says Dr. Laura Mosqueda, director of UC Irvine’s geriatrics program.

UCI biologist Peter Bryant

Ocean critters captured on film

Peter Bryant, developmental & cell biology professor, has spent decades photographing tide pool invertebrates called filter feeders, which keep the water clear by eating suspended matter and food particles.

Fraternal instincts

Mitchell Winans goes to Washington – after a stellar UCI career that earned him a Living Our Values Award

Dr. Christina Schwindt

Pediatrician leads UCI effort to treat children’s food allergies

Add food allergies to the growing list of childhood ailments on the rise.

Tseng named space research fellow

UC Irvine postdoctoral researcher Dr. Bertrand Tseng (pictured) is one of four young investigators to be named a National Space…

Sociology professor Judith Treas

Who washes, who dries?

Attention married women: Up to your elbows in housework? Having trouble getting your husbands to chip in? According to sociology professor Judith Treas, odds are you answered yes if you live in the U.S.

Mount Erebus

South to the pole

UC Irvine chemist Murat Aydin will spend his holiday drilling into the South Pole’s thick ice to collect trapped air that is up to 100 years old.