Day: December 8, 2008

Dr. Morton Kern

Heart health breakthrough

A recent worldwide study showed that cholesterol-lowering drugs significantly reduce their risk of heart disease in healthy men and women with good cholesterol levels.

A fire in a tropical peat forest on Sumatra in Indonesia

Drought, deforestation link fuels climate change

In the rainforests of equatorial Asia, the practice of using fire to clear forests and destroy organic soil increases substantially in dry years, releasing huge amounts of climate-warming carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, according to a new international study analyzing six years of weather and fire observations.

Chris Slay

Bacteria teach evolution, climate adaptation

How will Earth’s tiniest organisms adapt to climate warming? UC Irvine scientists are consulting bacteria in an effort to find out.

Dr. Toni Pusateri

Cruising toward calm

Shaky economy has more people turning to Dr. Toni Pusateri for help with anxiety

Fostering human rights

Carter Center internship allows honors student to study life in Middle East refugee camps