UCI departments have a new way to reduce their carbon footprints – and make some extra money. Equipment Management has just announced the Surplus Property Sales program, an online storefront for selling and buying surplus property that enables departments to free up space and conserve resources, while diverting waste from landfills. Departments can even store items at Peter’s Exchange, a warehouse on north campus, until they sell. Harry Gunther, Materiel & Risk Management director, talks about the new program.

Q: How would you describe the Surplus Property Sales program?

A: Peter’s Exchange is an outlet store for UCI’s surplus property. Items that have value, but are no longer needed, can be sold resulting in financial and environmental benefits. It is the first step that folks need to take when they have any surplus items. This is consistent with waste management philosophy: reduce, reuse, recycle, dispose.

Items are sold in two ways: they can be held in the department and advertised on the new online storefront, or when feasible they can be moved to the Peter’s Exchange outlet and sold from there. Equipment Management staff will assist in determining sales value and arranging for moves to Peter’s Exchange.

In October, we added the new online storefront that helps you sell or buy surplus property. This feature or channel is similar to “craigslist” and provides additional flexibility for users and better exposure to help promote sales.

Q: How did the program start?

A: Equipment Management has always had a surplus sales program, but up until this year when Peter’s Exchange opened, we did not have protected warehouse space dedicated for that purpose. To emphasize the new operation, it was renamed after UCI’s mascot. Now we store items waiting to be sold without potential damage from the elements, and through a collaboration with AdCom Services, we have added the online storefront.

Q: What is the program’s goal?

A: The goal of Peter’s Exchange is to conserve financial and environmental resources by returning funds to campus departments while promoting the reuse of surplus property (more money in and less waste out).

Q: What are the benefits for participants?

A: Participating departments receive a financial benefit while supporting campus environmental goals.

Q: What kinds of items are you looking for?

A: We will accept anything that is safe and has a reasonable residual value. We will consult with departments to assist them in determining value.

Q: What’s the most unusual thing/item you’ve received?

A: We facilitated the sale a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) unit that was being replaced. Given the size and weight of the MRI, it was not moved. This sale resulted in over $300,000.00 being returned to the campus.

Q: What would surprise people the most about the program?

A: Departments can receive money for items that they no longer need, and it is good for the environment.