Month: October 2008

Dr. Arthur Lander

Explaining life through systems biology

UC Irvine is a hot spot for systems biology, a new approach to learning why the human body and other organisms work the way they do.

A Kenyan man completes transactions in cash and by cell phone.

The future of money: A glossary

Digital money or currency – a broad term describing any technology providing access to or even replacing traditional functions of money – is not limited to developing countries.

Airtime cards in China circulate as alternative currencies.

Money in the digital age

Are those crisp green bills wilting in your wallet? Coins collecting dust? As face-to-face transfers of money grow rarer in an increasingly digital world, cash is no longer king.

Michael Cahalan, and graduate student researcher Melanie Matheu

Circumventing autoimmunity

The immune system is the body’s military force, assigned to protect against disease and infection. But sometimes, the T cells and B cells that carry out this vital mission turn against their host and mistakenly attack healthy tissue in a process called autoimmunity.

Healing hearts in rural China

Summer stint in rural China combines research with adventure

Natural remedies: help or hype?

Doctor urges patients to carefully evaluate natural remedies and supplements

Crossing over

For undergraduate Cristian Martinez, research opens doors to a promising career – and new life

Exploring dark places

‘A Proper Knowledge’ draws parallels between how psychiatrists and lovers learn the minds of others

Professor Margot Norris invited into Finnish learned society

Margot Norris, UC Irvine Chancellor’s Professor of English and Comparative Literature, has been nominated as a foreign member of the…

UC Irvine Healthcare boasts more than 90 'Best Doctors'

More than 90 UC Irvine Healthcare physicians made the Best Doctors in America list compiled by Best Doctors, Inc. Physicians…